These plots show different aspects of the changes in SST observed along the world´s coastlines since 1982. The first map represents the average change in temperature expressed in ºC per decade. The second and third plots show the change in the yearly frequency of extreme hot or extreme cold days (respectively) , in number of days/decade. Finally, and for the temperate coastlines, the fourth plot shows the linear trends in the timing of seasonal warming, in number of days/decade.

These rates of change are based on NOAA Optimum Interpolation 1/4 Degree Daily Sea Surface Temperature Analysis data from 1 Jan 1982 to 31 Dec 2011. Click HERE to learn more about the methodology.

While these plots are adequate to have an overview of SST changes across the entire study region, they do not have enough resolution to show detailed information. To get detailed data on a particular location please click HERE.