The main source of data for this project was AVHRR V2 NOAA Optimum Interpolation 1/4 Degree Daily Sea Surface Temperature Analysis data. Click HERE for more details on the methodology.

You can also access HERE the manuscript which describes NOAA's OI analysis:
Reynolds, R. W., T. M. Smith, C. Liu, D. B. Chelton, K. S. Casey and M. G. Schlax (2007). Daily High-resolution Blended Analyses for sea surface temperature. Journal of Climate, 20:5473-5496.

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"Fernando P. Lima and David S. Wethey (2012). Three decades of high-resolution coastal sea surface temperatures reveal more than warming. Nature Communications, 3:704."

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"Coastal SST warming data were obtained from the Worldwide Coastal Warming Assessment project website at (2012)."

To get a copy of this manuscript click HERE.